Watch the videos from the 2020 edition of TEDxHochschuleLuzern

Michael Vaz – Check your BS for success

Michael Vaz resides in Singapore with his lovely wife and three insanely energetic kids. Apart from being an aspiring nominee for super dad and husband of the year, Michael currently serves as Vice President of Learning & Development for Accor. Described as having “boundless energy & positivity” on stage and hopefully off stage as well, Michael has been blessed with the gift of inspiring audiences across various companies and is a passionate conference keynote speaker. Michael has also served in Global, Regional and Corporate leadership roles across a variety of truly global companies including Accor, Starwood, Fairmont & Emaar and has moved with his family to various locations on this exciting journey called “life”! His talk, “CheckyourBS”, is about understanding your belief system in a leadership context and how to lead in times of change and uncertainty.

Axel Schultze – Wonders of the innovative mind

Axel Schultze is the CEO of Society3 Group AG and the chairman of the World Innovations Forum Foundation. He is a very successful four-times entrepreneur, with four exits up to 9 digit figures. He also has one IPO and is a published author and patent holder. He was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015 and won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008. After founding four highly innovative and two very disruptive businesses, in 2016 he began researching how innovation is created and how one can help others to be more innovative. Four years later, early 2020, he formed the Deep Innovation Design model and wrote two books about Innovation Design and the Innovation Journey Map. His talk answers the question “How innovation is triggered by the brain?” and is also about how to create a successful innovation step by step.

Sophie Hundertmark – Intelligent chatbots

Sophie Hundertmark graduated from Hochschule Luzern with a MSc in Business Administration, Marketing & Online Business. She was one of the first master students in Switzerland to research chatbots and won the Best Paper Award at the IWW Internet Conference 2018 in Portugal. She founded ai-zurich in 2018, with the aim of building a community for the exchange of information about artificial intelligence in business. Her passion is to connect and create communities in her personal and professional life. The theme of her talk is “Intelligent ChatBots” and it explains how to utilize them in business.

Lionel Dellberg – Magic: The enjoyment of negative emotions

Lionel Dellberg has been working for nine years as a professional magician. He launched is magical career with trainings in Zurich and Paris, before professionalizing his skills auto-didactically. He also happens to be the first Swiss magician with a university diploma in magic. Until recently, Lionel toured the Swiss cantons with his “52/26” project, performing in the most spectacular locations in the country. He also wrote a book, made TV appearances and performed shows at corporate and private event. His latest online project consists in sharing magic tips and tricks applicable in the everyday life. The title of his talk is “Magic: The enjoyment of negative emotions”. It presents and explains the mechanism that occurs when an audience is fooled by a magician and why the emotions they experience are negative, yet enjoyable.

Nicholas Hänny – How to start your own business without investors

Nicholas Hänny is the co-founder and CEO of NIKIN, a sustainable clothing brand from Switzerland that plants one tree for each product sold. NIKIN has been in the top 3 of the Swiss Economic Award 2019 and won the “Swiss Brand of the Year” Award for best cost-benefit ratio in the Swiss clothing industry. With NIKIN, Nicholas is responsible for already 500’000 trees planted. He has also been elected “Aargauer of the Year 2019”. The theme of his talk is “How to start your own business without investors?”. Nicholas answers the question by giving tips based on his personal experience.

Maja Rosén – Why we need to stay on the ground

Once a fan of low-cost airlines, Maja Rosén gave up flying for the sake of the climate over a decade ago. She is the co-founder of the organization We Stay on the Ground and the campaigns Flight Free 2019 and Flight Free 2020, which have spread across the globe. Maja is convinced that most people would be willing to do what it takes to solve the climate emergency if they realized what is at stake and the importance of their own actions. She has written the guide “We Need to Talk about Aviation” to encourage more people to talk about this important issue. Her talk is entitled “We need to stay on the ground” and explains why giving up flying is one of the most important things you can do to save the climate.

Remy Buser – Petrochemicals: the dark side of the moon

Remy Buser holds a MSc in Chemistry form EPFL and a PhD in Biochemistry from ETH Zurich. He worked as a scientific advisor for the Swiss Parliament, where he advised Member of the Parliament on environmental bills. Combining politics and science, he co-founded Bloom Biorenewables Ltd, a company developing a unique alternative to petroleum from plants. His vision is to redesign the production of everyday materials to make them sustainable, circular and carbon neutral. The title of his talk is “Petrochemicals – the dark side of the moon”. It presents the alternatives to reduce the usage of petroleum, with the vision that everything that is made from petroleum today can be made from biomass tomorrow to have carbon neutral everyday’s materials.

Philippe Schuler – Food waste: three greatest challenges of our time

Philippe Schuler has been working in the area of food waste for over three years. Researching his Master Thesis for Supply Chain Management at Copenhagen Business School, Philippe discovered how much food waste occurred in the fresh potato supply chain alone, and after graduating, set out to consult hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Thailand and the Maldives on how to combat their food waste. His research in global supply chains for The Cool Chain Association to reduce food waste is ongoing. To further his mission of a planet with no food waste, Philippe joined Too Good To Go in March 2019, and from the Copenhagen HQ, is coordinating key public and private sector partnerships, initiatives and projects by building the Movement Against Food Waste. The title of his talk is “Food waste: the solution to the three greatest challenges of our time” and deals with the food waste-fighting movement as a mean to tackle climate change, population growth, and the destruction of the natural world.

Ira Stomberg – The future of travel

Ira Stomberg is an entrepreneur, a tour guide in Stockholm and a passionate storyteller. 10 years ago, Ira organized her first city tour in Stockholm. Today, she is an influencing figure in Sweden: having the biggest blog in Russian about Swedish culture, thousands of followers on Instagram and on her YouTube channel, and co-hosting a popular podcast. She loves finding creative ways of guiding her tours, cordially welcoming tourists in her city and having Fika with them – a Swedish tradition of inviting friends or colleagues to share a cup of coffee. The theme of her talk is “The future of travel”. It opens questions about what tourism will look like when the borders reopen and whether or not slow travel will soon become a reality.